• Clint Overton - Lead Pastor

    Clint has served at Lakeview Since 2005. God has given Clint a vision and a passion for reaching the community of Selmer.

  • James Risinger - Family PASTOR

    James has served at Lakeview since 2021. James has a passion to serve families. His pray is to see people to encounter Christ, engage in their faith and be empowered to serve Him.

  • Doug GodFrey - Groups Pastor

    Doug has served at Lakeview since 2010. Doug works with all groups, first impression team, and follow up team.

  • Luke Overton - Worship Pastor

    Luke has served at Lakeview since 2013. Luke has a passion for worship and sharing God's goodness with others.

  • Matthew Whittemore - Interim Student Pastor

    Matthew has served at Lakeview since 2017. Matthew has a passion for family and to see students grow closer to Jesus.

  • Emily Davis - Interim Kidsview Leader

    Emily has served at Lakeview since 2021. Emily has a passion to bring the love of Jesus to your kids.

  • Julia Thomas - Administrative Assistant

    Julia has served at Lakeview since 2011. Julia loves to use her gifts by serving the members of Lakeview on a daily basis.

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Offices are open: 

Monday - Thursday, 8:00am-4:30pm

Friday, 8:00am-12:00pm.

Clint Overton - Lead Pastor

James Risinger - Family Pastor

Doug Godfrey - Small Groups Pastor

Luke Overton - Worship Pastor

Matt Whittemore- Interim Student Pastor

Emily Davis- Interim Kidsview Leader

Julia Thomas - Administrative Assistant


Lakeview Church  

877 W. Cherry Ave  

Selmer, TN 38375